Урок английского языка в 10 классе: «Why sports» «Почему вы выбираете спорт?»

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Цель: создать условия для развития коммуникативной и учебно-познавательной компетенции в условиях эффективной обучающей среды.

Ход урока английского языка в 10 классе.

I. Организационный момент.

T: - Good – morning! Sit down please. Let’s warm up. How are you? What date is it today? What day is it today?

Open your exercise-books and write down today’s date. Some more questions. What’s the weather like today? Who is absent today?  Thanks a lot. Now I see you’re ready for the lesson. So let’s start.

II. Введение в тему урока, целеполагание.

Now I’d like you to watch a video and guess what the topic of our lesson is. So take your i-pods, please, watch the video and answer the question «What’s the topic of our lesson today?»

Well done! Today we will speak about sport.

III. Речевая разминка

But what does it mean «sport»?

Look at the screen. You can see 2 pictures. Answer the questions:

1. What do these pictures have in common?

2. What’s the man’s purpose?

3. What’s the monkey’s purpose?

4. Which one is the sport and why?

So what’s the definition of the word “sport”? Great!

Now read the definition that I found in the dictionary. (Sport is an activity needing physical effort and skill and usually undertaken for pleasure or fun). Write it down into your exercise-books.

IV. Активизация пройденного лексического материала, введение новой лексики и первичное ее закрепление.

Can you name different kinds of sport? (игра с мячом)

Now I want you to remember or get acquainted with some new English words describing different kinds of sport.

Take the sheets of paper. Task 1. Look through the words in the box and match the names of the sports with the pictures using on-line dictionary on your i-pods if it’s necessary. Write down your answers into your exercise books. Let’s check up.

Now study the chart. What can we do with sport?

Take your sheets of paper and do task 2.

Let’s check up.

Зрительная гимнастика.

I think your eyes are tired a little bit so let’s do some exercises. Close your eyes, please, and just relax. Well done! Open your eyes and look at the screen. I want you to get acquainted with funny balls. Look! This is “Reddy”, follow it and now one more time. Well done! And in the other way. This is “Greeny”, follow it. And this is the funniest ball “Yellowy”. Look, what it can do! And you? Now twinkle your eyes and let’s go on.

V.Аудирование. Предтекстовый этап. Снятие лексических трудностей.

You’ll listen to 5 people connected with sport in some way. But before listening look through the words on the slide that can help you to understand the texts. You can make some notes if you need.

VI. Аудирование.

Look through the people in the chart. Who are they? Do you think their attitude to sports is positive, negative, or both? Tick the right box in the chart. Then take your i-pods, listen and check your guesses.


positive    negative

1. Fred, an amateur cyclist

2. Jack, a disabled basketball player

3. Tanya, an ex-downhill skier

4. Frank, a disabled mountain biker

5. Ivan Yarygin, Olympic Champion in freestyle wrestling

Now listen again and comment/prove your answer, try to listen to the key-words. While listening you can make some notes on these sheets of paper. And then we’ll discuss.

VII. Говорение.

At the end of our lesson of course I’d like to know:

What sport do you take up? What’s your attitude to sport in general?

Try to use the new words of the lesson as many as possible.

VIII. Подведение итогов урока.

Thank you very much for your work. What have you learnt at the lesson today?

IX. Домашнее задание.

Now open your record books and write down the homework. At home you’ll write a paragraph beginning like this “For me sport is…” Write about your personal experience in sport. These questions will help you: What sports have you done? Are you doing any sport now? Has it changed you and your life? And how?

X. Рефлексия.

Before leaving the classroom I’d like to know your opinion about using i –pods at English lessons. So take a magnet and hang it on the board according to your opinion. Thank you. Bye-bye.